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Shuliy Machinery focuses on producing the high-quality clothes hanger machine to meet the needs of various customers. Customers can produce various types of clothes hangers. Moreover, we provide customized services for customers' needs to fully meet their demands for more benefits.

Production Line

The coated hanger production line takes the wire wrapped with the coat first, and then a plastic hanger machine is used for the hanger production. Usually, it is coated with...
The clothes hanger production line is mainly used to produce various types of household-type clothes hangers. The clothes hanger is an essential household item in life. And hanger machine is...
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Hot Products

welding type hanger forming machine

Welding Type Hanger Forming Machine

This hanger forming machine is a machine that specializes in the production of welded clothes hangers. welding-type hanger welding hangers Compared with the other clothes wire hanger machine, this machine....

wire hanger making machine

Wire Hanger Making Machine for Sale

This wire hanger making machine is a machine used to produce common/galvanized wire hangers. This hanger machine has good performance and can also produce various types of hangers. hanger types....

hanger machine

Hanger Machine for Plastic/PVC-Coated Clothes Hangers

This kind of PLC hanger machine is especially to produce plastic/PVC-coated hangers. And the coat hanger manufacturing line is used for this type of hanger production to meet the customers....

hanger making machine

Hanger Making Machine for Wire & Plastic Coated Hangers

The hanger making machine is mainly a machine for the production of clothes hangers with galvanized & plastic-coated wires. If involved in this hanger industry, the Shuliy hanger machine is....

Hightlights of Shuliy Machinery

Variety of products

ShuliyMachinery has a wide range of hanger machines, including welding type, non-hook type, galvanized type, coated type, etc. No matter what type of hanger you need to produce, we have the corresponding hanger machine.

High cost performance

Because we are integrated with the production and sales, our hanger machine price is the factory price. Compared with other types of companies, we have a competitive price. Also, the machine has the super quality.

Considerate after-sales service

After selling the machine, we will also provide high-quality after-sales service to help you solve various after-sales problems, so that we achieve win-win cooperation.

Factory Strength

wires hanger making machine manufacturer factory strength Plastic powder recycling machine hanger drying machine manufacturing hangers


automatic wire hanger machine

Buy Shuliy automatic wire hanger machine for Saudi client

The person who contacted us actually helped a customer from Saudi Arabia buy an automatic hanger machine. The Saudi client is an entrepreneur who plans to produce his own hangers...
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high speed hanger machine

Send high speed hanger machine to Indonesia

We worked with a customer in Indonesia who is a middleman in the hanger industry. In response to the continuous demand of the market, he wanted to purchase a high...
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hanger making equipment

Albanian customer purchased hanger making equipment

Our Albanian customer has always been a reliable partner for us. As an experienced middleman, he has imported hanger making equipment in China many times and knows the importance of...
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