This wire hanger making machine is a machine used to produce common/galvanized wire hangers. This hanger machine has good performance and can also produce various types of hangers.

hanger types
hanger types

Therefore, our hanger making machine is very popular in the market and is often exported to various countries, such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, etc. If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us. Also, welcome to visit our factory!

Advantages of galvanized wire hangers produced by Shuliy wire hanger making machine

wire hangers
  • First of all, the bright surface of bright galvanized wire. Thus, it is visually preferred to ordinary galvanized wire, which has a surface similar to that of stainless steel.
  • Secondly, good support and high toughness of the bright galvanized wire. The galvanized wire remains bright during use. And the hardness is high, achieving a perfect combination of hardness and toughness.
  • Thirdly, low hanger production cost. The hanger’s surface is galvanized and also bright. So it does not require post-processing, which not only saves production time but also saves costs. Use the wire hanger making machine to achieve it.

Strength of the automatic wire hanger making machine for sale

  • Convenient to operate & use electricity safely.
  • A high degree of full automation. The whole production process of the wire hanger making machine is without manual hands, saving manpower.
  • Compact and reasonable design, suitable for small, medium, and large factories.
wire hanger making machine for sale
wire hanger making machine for sale

Shuliy Machinery – advantages of being the wire hanger making machine manufacturer & supplier

  • Low machine price. Because of the integration of industry and trade, the price of our hanger molding machine is only the factory price. In the same quality, our machine has more price advantage.
  • Various machine types. Our machines are not only the galvanized wire hanger machine, but also the PVC-coated hanger machine, the plastic hanger machine, the cloth hanger machine, and custom-made machines.
hanger making machine manufacturer & supplier
hanger making machine manufacturer & supplier

Technical parameters of the galvanized wire hanger making machine

Capacity30-40 pcs/minute
Wire diameter1.8mm~2.8mm
Hanger size13-14cm for children
15-19cm for adults
Net weight700kg
Machine size1800*800*1650mm

FAQ of Shuliy wire hanger making machine

Q1: How to confirm your hanger hook bending machine quality?

A1: 1) We have a strict quality control system, which is strictly followed in the market process and contains product quality.
2) Our company’s products have CE certificate, certified by the authority.
3) We will send video during the production process to ensure that you can keep track of the production progress of the machine and the condition of the machine.

Q2: What should I do if there is a problem with the wire hanger making machine?

A2: We offer a 24/7 online service, so you can contact us anytime to solve your problem.

Q3: The voltage varies from country to country, can I customize it?

A3: Of course. We offer a customization service.

Q4: How do I assemble the machine after I receive it?

A4: Don’t worry, we will provide the appropriate service if you need it. We will also put in instructions, installation manuals, etc. for your reference.

Q5: How do I make the payment?

A5: Stock: pay in full → receive money → arrange the delivery.
Manufacturing: pay advance → start manufacturing → complete the machine production → settle the balance → receive balance and arranger delivery.

Video of wire hanger making machine – how to produce clothes hangers?