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hanger making machine manufacturer

We, Shuliy Machinery, have our own factory and have been established for more than ten years in the hanger machine manufacturing industry. Our main products are clothes hanger production line, coat hanger machine line, coat hanger machine, cloth hanger making machine, welded hanger machine, etc.

Due to the high reputation of our company, our products are exported to UAE, Australia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Morocco, Mexico, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Yemen, Uzbekistan, etc. If you are interested, welcome to contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Honored certifications


Our company is a company with professional qualifications. The picture on the right shows the certificates that our company, as well as the hanger machine, have, which are certified by the authority. Therefore, you can buy our hanger maker with confidence.

Happy cooperation with the customers

The cooperation between us and our customers is win-win cooperation, and we get along very well and are friends with each other. Because our purpose is to sell machines from the customer’s standpoint, so that we can understand each other, which is more conducive to our mutual cooperation.

good cooperation relationship
good cooperation relationship

Feedback from customers on the clothes hanger making machine

Customers who have bought our plastic hanger machine know that our machines are of very good quality and cheap, and the production capacity is not weak in all aspects. It is a very pleasant purchase trip for our customers. Moreover, our customers send us real-time feedback. The following is the feedback our customers give us after using the hanger machine.

great feedback about the hanger forming machine
great feedback about the hanger forming machine