automatic wire hanger machine

Buy Shuliy automatic wire hanger machine for Saudi client

The person who contacted us actually helped a customer from Saudi Arabia buy an automatic hanger machine. The Saudi client is an entrepreneur who plans to produce his own hangers....

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high speed hanger machine

Send high speed hanger machine to Indonesia

We worked with a customer in Indonesia who is a middleman in the hanger industry. In response to the continuous demand of the market, he wanted to purchase a high....

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hanger making equipment

Albanian customer purchased hanger making equipment

Our Albanian customer has always been a reliable partner for us. As an experienced middleman, he has imported hanger making equipment in China many times and knows the importance of....

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hanger making machinery

Send hanger making machinery to Saudi Arabia

In July 2023, we received an inquiry for a hanger making machinery from a customer in Saudi Arabia, who needed a machine for their own production of hangers. The customer's....

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cloth hanger machine

2 sets of cloth hanger machines sold to Kuwait

A customer in Kuwait recently invested in two modern cloth hanger machines from Shuliy, an important step towards increasing production capacity. He bought the machine for his hanger business expansion.....

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hanger hook machine

30-40pcs/min hanger hook machine shipped to Bahrain

Recently, a customer in Bahrain chose to purchase a Shuliy hanger hook machine to meet its growing demand for hanger production. As a well-known hanger supplier in the region, the....

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PVC hanger machine

Indian customer purchased PVC hanger machine

We're so glad to share that one Indian client ordered a PVC hanger machine from Shuliy in July 2023. He bought Shuliy hanger machine for his end customer, and the....

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wire clothes hanger making machine

Export of wire clothes hanger making machine to UAE

Here we're excited to share that one client from UAE bought one wire clothes hanger making machine for the hanger produciton. wire clothes hanger making machine Why buy the wire....

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plastic hanger making machine

30-40pcs/min plastic hanger making machine sold to Saudi Arabia

At the end of June 2023, one Saudi Arabian client ordered one plastic hanger making machine for galvanized wire & PVC-coated hangers production. Our clothes hanger machine is multifunctional, used....

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galvanized wire hanger machine for sale

2 sets of galvanized wire hanger machine for sale to Algeria

Good news! In June 2023, a customer from Algeria bought the galvanized wire hanger machine for sale from us for his own hanger business. This customer's raw material is mainly galvanized iron....

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