We worked with a customer in Indonesia who is a middleman in the hanger industry. In response to the continuous demand of the market, he wanted to purchase a high speed hanger machine to meet the growing demand for hangers.

high speed hanger machine
high speed hanger machine

Reasons for choosing Shuliy high speed hanger machine

The customer chose Shuliy hanger machine based on its excellent quality and performance. Known for its high production efficiency and reliability, our machines ensure that the production line runs consistently and achieves a high-quality hanger output.

Logistics and delivery of wire hanger machine

We assist our customer in fulfilling his order by ensuring the smooth delivery of the hanger machines to Indonesia. Thanks to the ease of installation and operation of Shuliy’s machines, the customer was able to start production quickly.

Results and customer feedback

The hanger machine has brought significant benefits to the customer. It not only improves production efficiency, but also provides the customer with high-quality hangers that meet the market’s needs and facilitate the expansion of his business.

Machine list for Indonesia

Wire hanger machineModel: SLPT-40
Power: 1.5kw
Overall dimension: 18008001650mm
Packing weight: 700kg
NO.7 hanger type
1 pc
machine list for Indonesia

If you want a machine to produce high-quality clothes hangers, please contact us for more machine details! Our professional sale manager will send the best solution to you!