The hanger making machine is mainly a machine for the production of clothes hangers with galvanized & plastic-coated wires. If involved in this hanger industry, the Shuliy hanger machine is an indispensable piece of machinery and equipment for many investors.

Also, this automatic hanger machine can produce 35-45 hangers per minute. Because of its high efficiency, this machine is suitable for mass hanger production and beneficial to a new business. The clothes hanger production line is also avaible.

Besides, our clothes hanger machine is highly popular at home and abroad, such as in Australia, Argentina, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mexica, etc.

If you are planning/interested to invest in this industry, please contact us for more information or visit our factory directly!

Automatic clothes hanger making machine for sale

Shuliy Machinery is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in the wire hanger maker machine & the PVC-coated hanger making machine. Actually, two types of machines can meet hanger production businessman’s demands.

common clothes hanger machine for wire
common clothes hanger machine for wire

Wire Hanger Making Machine

  • Only suitable for wires & galvanized wires
  • Match with the spraying machine & oven machine
  • Different moulds for different-shaped hangers
  • Both for children & adult hangers
PLC hanger machine for wire & coated wire
PLC hanger machine for wire & coated wire

PVC-coated hanger making machine

  • Suitable for both galvanized & plastic coated wires
  • Strong applicability & great performance
  • Matched moulds for clothes hangers
  • Both for children & adult hangers

Hanger shapes produced by Shuliy hanger making machine

hanger types
hanger types

There are various kinds of hangers that can be produced.

Butterfly style, common type, welding type, also customized types.

Whatever types you want to produce, our hanger maker machine can meet your needs.

If you have an interest, please contact us and welcome to visit our factory!

Composition of cloth hanger making machine

structure of the cloth hanger making machine
structure of the cloth hanger making machine
Machine part nameFunction
Conveying systemconvey the wire along the track to the forming entrance
Forming systemthe wire is operated by the machine to form the hanger
Storage systemthe finished hangers are stored one by one on the support frame
Motorsupply power for machine to work
Material(sheet plate)dural and long service life
Machine part list for Shuliy hanger making machine

Characteristics of the excellent hanger making machine

  1. Smooth machine operation, high production efficiency, and excellent quality.
  2. High efficiency, 35-45 hangers per minute.
  3. Good machine material(sheet plate), durable, and long service life.
  4. Suitable for raw material of galvanized/plastic/PVC-coated wires.
  5. Customized service. We can produce products that fully meet your needs
hanger machine manufacturers & suppliers
hanger machine manufacturers & suppliers

How does the automatic wire hanger making machine work?

Actually, the work is very simple. It works under the control of a control panel as you can see from its structure. So the whole operation of the machine is dependent on the control panel setting, which works fully automatically.

hanger hook making machine

The wire enters from the conveying position to the forming part, then the machine operates automatically and the hanger is formed and made.

After completion, it reaches the support section one after another. The whole process is fully automatic without manual labor.

The market prospect of the hanger industry

Clothes hangers are mainly used to support and dry clothes. It is closely related to everyone’s life. Besides, people can’t live without clothes, and where there are clothes, they need hangers. Therefore, the development prospect of the hanger industry is very broad.

Moreover, everyone’s clothes will be renewed every year, whether it is finishing or cleaning, and also need hangers. Therefore, the hanger industry will keep moving forward with a broad prospect.

Successful case: the wire hanger machine sold to Pakistan

A customer in Pakistan wanted to produce wire coat hangers and contacted us after seeing our hanger making machine. After knowing his needs, our sales manager explained the features and advantages of this machine to him.

After understanding, the Pakistani customer found the machine very practical and cost-effective. So he signed the purchase contract after confirming the details of the machine parts.

After the production of the machine was completed, a test run was conducted and a video was sent to the customer.

loading and delivery

Technical parameters of the clothes hanger maker

Galvanized wire1.8mm-2.2mm
PVC coated wire2.8mm-3.6mm
Hanger size13”-14” for children
15”-18” for adults
Net weight700kg
Machine size1800*800*1650mm

Video of the clothes hanger making machine