This hanger forming machine is a machine that specializes in the production of welded clothes hangers.

Compared with the other clothes wire hanger machine, this machine uses welding methods to make the welded hanger stronger and sturdier. If you have any interest, please contact us!

Who will buy this metal wire hanger forming machine?

  • Individuals or companies who open their own factories. They produce and sell hangers by themselves and have a certain production scale OR want to start a new business. Whether it is to start or expand the scale of production, you can buy our hanger machine.
  • Intermediary companies. They will find reliable business sources for their customers and purchase cost-effective hanger maker machines. Our hanger machines are cost-effective because we have our own production factory.

How does the hanger welding forming machine work?

The working order of the machine is actually quite simple.

hanger making machine manufacturer
hanger making machine manufacturer

First of all, the line is placed along the conveyor, and when the machine is running, it is conveyed to the mouth of the studio.

Next, the machine makes the wire into a hanger and welds the interface with electric welding.

Finally, after completing the welding, the hanger making is finished. The finished hanger is stored along the support frame.

Spotlights of the clothes hanger wire forming machine

  1. Easy to operate, convenient to maintain.
  2. Add the welding function, and produce the super quality hangers.
  3. High precision and high efficiency.
hanger manufacturing machine
hanger manufacturing machine

Cost analysis of making welding-type hangers

  • Raw material cost. In fact, there are abundant raw materials for making such hangers, such as galvanized iron wire, copper wire, iron wire, aluminum wire, etc. These raw materials are easy to obtain and less costly.
  • Machine cost. Since you want to produce hangers, you definitely need the help of machines. And our machines are cost-effective and can save you a great deal of money.
  • Labor cost. Manual labor is also needed. Just look after the hanger forming machine on the side while it is working.
welding hangers
welding hangers

Successful case: clothes hanger hook making machine delivery to Cambodia

The Cambodian customer owns a local trading company, which mainly deals with various kinds of machinery and equipment in the region. His customer wanted to buy a welding-type clothes hanger forming machine. So he contacted us via WhatsApp. After the introduction of the machine, the Cambodian customer thought it met his expectation. So, he confirmed with his client whether to buy it or not. Once confirmed, both parties signed the contract. And eventually, the machine was delivered to its destination.

Specifications of the clothes hanger forming machine

Line diameter1.5mm-4.5mm
Feeding Length500mm(11-19inches)
Motor power3.7kW
Machine size3700*1500*1500mm

Video of hanger forming machine for welding hangers