In July 2023, we received an inquiry for a hanger making machinery from a customer in Saudi Arabia, who needed a machine for their own production of hangers. The customer’s raw material is galvanized wire and the hanger shape is as shown in the picture. The customer’s voltage is 220 volts 60 hertz 3 phase.

Solution design for Saudi Arabia

wire hanger making machine for sale
wire hanger making machine for sale

According to the customer’s requirements, we designed a fully automatic hanger machine. The hanger making machinery adopts advanced production technology, which can realize automatic production and improve production efficiency. The machine mainly consists of the following parts:

Raw material conveying system: responsible for conveying the galvanized wire to the production line.

Forming system: responsible for forming the galvanized wires into the shape of hangers.

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We sent working videos of the machine. After watching it, the customer was satisfied with the performance of the machine and placed the order immediately.

Machine lsit for Sudi Arabia

Hanger Making MachineHanger Making Machine
Raw material: 1.8-2.8mm galvanized wire/black wire
Capacity: 30-40pcs/min
Power: 1.5kw
size: 850*1500*1800mm
weight: 700KG
The machine does not contain any company logo
2 sets
Wire ReelsWire Reels2 pcs free
machine list for Saudi Arabia

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If you now want a hanger machine to produce clothes hangers(galvanized wire hangers or plastic-coated hangers), please contact us. And we’ll provide the best solution to fit your needs!