Recently, we have successfully partnered with a large manufacturer of daily necessities based in Saudi Arabia.

The company is planning to expand its hanger production operations to meet the growing demand in and around the region.

After comprehensively evaluating the current market situation and technical requirements, they chose our high-performance metal hanger machine as the main production force.

metal hanger machine for mass clothes hangers production
metal hanger machine for mass clothes hangers production

Wire hanger machine equipment supply and installation

Equipment delivery and installation

We provided our customer with a customized complete metal hanger machine production line solution based on their specific capacity requirements.

After careful preparation and efficient transport, the advanced hanger machines arrived at the Saudi Arabia factory site smoothly.

Afterward, our professional technical team went to the site to carry out the precise installation and commissioning of the equipment.

On-site technical support and training

To ensure that the Saudi company’s staff can operate and maintain the machines, our engineers not only carried out detailed installation and commissioning, but also provided in-depth operational training and technical guidance to the customer’s team to ensure that the production was quickly put on the right track.

wire hanger making machine in Saudi Arabia
wire hanger making machine in Saudi Arabia

Metal hanger machine application effect and business development

Efficient and stable production: Whether it’s galvanized wire hangers or PVC-coated hangers, the wire hanger making machine can produce large quantities quickly, continuously and stably, which greatly improves the overall productivity of the Saudi company.

Business growth and market feedback: Equipped with our metal hanger machines, the Saudi company has successfully achieved its goal of large-scale hanger production and gained a significant competitive advantage in the local and Middle East markets of the high quality of its products.