In the clothes hanger industry, the hanger machine always plays a key role. One of the most common types of hangers is plastic hangers, to meet the market demand, Shuliy has introduced efficient and high-quality plastic hanger making machine for sale to help customers improve production efficiency and product quality.

plastic hanger making machine for sale
plastic hanger making machine for sale

Equipment for coat hanger making

Shuliy is now launching equipment specially designed for plastic hanger production. This equipment adopts advanced bending technology and is capable of producing various types of plastic hangers stably and efficiently.

Whether it is for small businesses or commercial mass production, this pvc-coated hanger machine can meet your needs.

wire clothes hanger making machine
wire clothes hanger making machine

Attractive points to buy our plastic hanger making machine

30-40 pcs per min hanger production

Our plastic hanger making machine for sale uses the latest technology, which greatly increases production speed and meets the needs of mass production.

Various types & quality PVC-coated hangers

The finished products can be of various kinds, such as normal type, curved hook type, butterfly type, etc., and can be used for a long time without deformation or breakage.

Excellent after-sales service

Shuliy not only provides high-quality equipment, but also provides comprehensive after-sales service. We have a professional technical team that can provide installation guidance, operation training and maintenance support to ensure the long-term stable operation of your equipment.


If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable plastic hanger production machine, get in touch with us now! We will provide the best hanger making solution to you.