Our Albanian customer has always been a reliable partner for us. As an experienced middleman, he has imported hanger making equipment in China many times and knows the importance of market demand and machine performance. Recently, he chose us again to meet his customers’ needs, this time purchasing 6 sets of hanger machines.

hanger making equipment
hanger making equipment

Why buy 1 set of the hanger making equipment firtsly?

In order to ensure that the performance of the machines meets his expectations, he first decided to purchase 1 set of hanger making machine for testing. This decision reflected his adherence to quality and his trust in the reliability of our products.

After working with our team of professionals, he managed to obtain a clothes hanger machine with excellent performance. This machine not only produces efficiently, but also offers the ability to manufacture a wide range of hanger types to meet the diverse needs of his customers.

Package and delivery of hanger making equipment

We carefully pack each piece of equipment to ensure that it is safe and undamaged during international shipping. The equipment will be packed in sturdy wooden crates to ensure the integrity of the machine. We work with logistics partners who have extensive experience in international transport to ensure that the equipment reaches its destination safely.

Reference to the machine parameters for Albania

Clothes hanger machinePower:1.5kw
capacity: 30-40PCS/min
diameter: 1.8-2.8mm galvanized wire
size: 850*1500*1800mm
weight: 700KG
1 set
machine list for Albania

Get in touch with us for more details about the hanger machine!

If you want to make quality clothes hangers and need a hanger making equipment, come and contact us for more details! Our professional sales team will provide the best solution to fit your needs!