The person who contacted us actually helped a customer from Saudi Arabia buy an automatic hanger machine. The Saudi client is an entrepreneur who plans to produce his own hangers and sell them in the local market. This is his new entrepreneurial journey and we are excited to assist him in achieving this goal.

automatic wire hanger machine
automatic wire hanger machine

Reasons for choosing Shuliy automatic wire hanger machine

We were chosen mainly because of the reliability and efficiency of our hanger machines. Shuliy’s hanger machines stand out for their excellent performance, ensuring the stable operation of the production line while guaranteeing high output. He chose our automatic wire hanger machines after market research. His core concerns were the reliability and efficiency of the machine, which our machine perfectly fits.

Order list for Saudi Arabia

hanger machineHanger Making Machine
Power: 1.5kw
Capacity: 30-40PCS/min
diameter: 1.8-2.8mm galvanized wire/Black wire
size: 850*1500*1800mm
weight: 700KG
1 pc
machine list for Sa

Logistics and training: trouble-free delivery and operation

We arrange fast and reliable logistics for our customers to ensure the smooth arrival of the hanger making machine in Saudi Arabia. After the machine was delivered, we also provided comprehensive training to ensure that the customer was able to operate and maintain the machine proficiently.

Production results and customer feedback

With the Shuliy automatic wire hanger machine in production, the customer was able to quickly improve the efficiency of his hanger production. He gave feedback that it not only made him more competitive in the local market, but also brought considerable growth to his business.