In June 2023, our client from Jordan made a quick decision to purchase an automatic hanger machine for his business.

The Jordanian customer wants to quickly increase productivity by purchasing hanger machines, and they are able to produce high-quality hangers to meet market demand, enhance competitiveness, and achieve significant business success.

Why did the client buy the automatic hanger machine so quickly for Jordan?

The automated features of the hanger machines significantly reduce labor costs and labor requirements. The high production speed and accuracy of the clothes hanger machine ensure the quality of each hanger and allow them to meet customer demands.

The customer’s raw materials mainly consist of galvanized wire and coated wire, both of which can be produced by our automatic hanger machine for hanger production.

After a thorough understanding, our sales manager, Haiely, recommended the right hanger machine for general hanger production. After sending a video and pictures of the hanger production, the Jordanian customer was so satisfied with the performance and results of the hanger machine that he placed a quick order.

Reference to the hanger machine PI for Jordan

hanger machine PI
hanger machine PI


  1. Payment terms: 30% of the full payment is as the advance payment, and the other 70% will be paid before delivery.
  2. The hanger shape is shown above No.5, and the matched mold should be equipped.
  3. Volatege: 220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase.