In modern manufacturing, the clothes hanger hook machine has become a key tool for meeting the diverse needs of the apparel industry. This innovative machine is available in several hanger types production, and also can be tailored to different production requirements. Now let’s together look at hanger machine types, produced hanger types and global exports.

clothes hanger hook machine
clothes hanger hook machine

Shuliy clothes hanger hook machines for sale

There are two main types of hanger hooking machines: regular and PLC models. Both types of machines are capable of hanger production, except that the ordinary model is suitable for wire as raw material and the PLC model is for both wire and coated material. It mainly depends on what your raw material is.

If your raw material is wire and you don’t know how to choose, you can listen to the advice of our professional manager who will give you the optimal solution.

A wide range of hanger types to be produced

As above shown, this clothes hanger hook machine is extremely versatile and can produce a wide range of hanger types. From classic common hangers to more complex-shaped hangers, these machines can create designs that meet a variety of clothing styles and storage preferences. In addition, if you want to produce the special type of hanger, we can customize the hanger mold to meet your requirements.

Global exports of clothes hanger hook machine

The demand for efficient hanger hook machines is not limited to a single market. Our hanger machines are regularly exported to various countries across the globe including Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Bahrain, India, UAE, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Mexico and many more.

This shows that our machines are very popular in the global market, if you are interested, contact us directly!