Our Shuliy Machinery’s hanger machine can produce various types of hangers. Because our machines not only have various types but also can be customized. So, no matter what type of hanger our hanger machine can produce.

hanger types
hanger types

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Butterfly hanger- common one of the types of hangers


This type of hanger is one of the many types of hangers. It is named because of its shape. The depressions on both sides are just right to catch the clothes, and the clothes are not easy to fall off.

We have the high-efficiency hanger machine to produce this buttefly hanger. If you are interested in this type of hanger, get in touch with us for the corresponding machine details.

Welding type hanger

Welded hangers are mainly called welded hangers because they require welding at the hanger joints when making hangers. The difference can be clearly seen from the appearance of types of hangers. The machine used for this type of hanger is a welding hanger machine.

welding-type hanger

Non-hook hanger- customized one

the hookless hanger

This hanger is the special one among the various types of hangers. Generally, we produce this hanger machine on the premise of customization by customers. Recently, we have sold this kind of hookless hanger machine to Uzbekistan.

PVC-coated hanger

The coat hanger production line and the coat hanger machine can realize this type of hanger production. Also, it has the characteristics of beautiful packaging, durability, and long service life. Thus, this hanger is very popular and common in the hanger market.

PVC-coated hanger

Wire hanger

wire hanger

Pay attention to the connection difference in the upper part of the hanger. This hanger has a smooth surface and will not cause damage to clothing. Generally, it will be recommended to use a wire hanger production line and wire hanger machine.

Available hanger making machine from Shuliy Machinery

The above hanger machine can be used for producing the different hangers, only the matching with the different raw materials. If you want more, please contact us and welcome to visit our factory!