Our wire clothes hanger machine is very popular overseas and is often exported. In February of this year, another customer from Saudi Arabia ordered 1 hanger machine from us.

Basic information about the client from Saudi Arabia

This customer is expanding his business by producing his own hangers for sale in his own store. He intends to buy a hanger machine first to see how the machine works, and if it works well, this customer will order the machine from us again.

wire clothes hanger machine
wire clothes hanger machine

Questions about the wire clothes hanger machine to be clear for the Saudi Arabian client

1. If choose number 2, do I have an option on the machine? Can I proceed with another shape? If I select number two, does that mean the machine can not produce another shape except number 2?

One hanger machine comes along with one mold, so you need to buy extra molds to produce different hanger shapes.

2. For 1 ton of 1.9 mm wired steel galvanized, how much we can produce hunger? Pcs?

One ton of wire can produce around 46000pcs.

3. How many working hours per day can I run the machine?

You can run it for 24 hours.

4. How about the warranty on the wire clothes hanger machine?

Our machine has one year warranty and lifetime technical guidance. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be the responsibility of our manufacturer except for human factors.

Machine list for the Saudi Arabian client

hanger making machine

Power: 1.5kw
Capacity: 30-40pcs/min
Weight: 700KG
Dimension(mm): 1800*800*1650mm

Notes to the wire clothes hanger machine:

  1. Payment term: 50% deposit first before production, and 50% balance should be paid before delivery.
  2. Delivery time: 15-20 work days.
  3. Voltage: 380V 60HZ 3phase.
  4. One machine has one mold, and another two molds are purchased.