Recently, a customer in Bahrain chose to purchase a Shuliy hanger hook machine to meet its growing demand for hanger production. As a well-known hanger supplier in the region, the customer decided to upgrade its production line to improve productivity and product quality. Shuliy hanger machines, as a reliable partner, will help them achieve this goal.

A solution to hanger hook making machine for Bahrain

The Bahraini customer’s demand for hanger production was expanding and traditional production methods were no longer able to meet the market demand. Therefore, he sought a modern solution and chose the Shuliy hanger hook machine as the optimal production machine.

wire clothes hanger machine
wire clothes hanger machine

The Shuliy clothes hanger machine is renowned for its efficiency, precision and stability, and is able to meet the stringent requirements of our customers for high-quality hangers.

Shuliy hanger machine’s highlights

Shuliy hanger machine adopts an advanced PLC control system and high-precision moulds to automate and standardize the production process. Galvanized iron wire is used as the raw material, which is efficiently processed by Shuliy wire hanger machine to produce hangers with exquisite appearance and durability. Meanwhile, the shape of the hangers can be customized to meet the diversified demands in the market.

Galvanized wire hanger hook machine for Bahrain

Hanger making machinePower:  1.5kw
Capacity: 30-40PCS/min
Diameter: 1.8-2.8mm galvanized wire
Size: 850*1500*1800mm
Weight: 700KG
1 pc
wire hanger machine specifications

The customer’s raw material is galvanized wire, and the machine voltage is 400V 50HZ 3PHASE. And we agreed that 30% is a deposit, and the balance 70% will be paid before shipping.

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hanger making machine price
hanger machine

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