The hanger making machine price is always changing. The price is also different at different stages. As a professional clothes hanger machine manufacturer and supplier, we have been in this industry for more than twenty years, based on our experience, summarized the following points, expect you to consider when buying the clothes hanger machine.

Differences between the Shuliy hanger machine

Different types of hanger machines are manufactured in the Shuliy factory. The hanger making machine price varies when you choose to buy the machine.

hanger making machine price

This kind of hanger machine can only use galvanized wire as the raw material to make hangers used for adults or children.

If you want to color the hangers, the spraying machine, the powder recycling machine, and the oven machine are required.

PLC hanger machine

The PLC hanger machine can make both galvanized wire and plastic-coated hangers. Thus, if you have two kinds of raw materials, this machine is cost-effective.

Hanger manufacturing process

Before you decide to buy, you also need to know how this hanger machine performs hanger production and whether the hanger making machine price is worth it. Here is a video of the production of two different kinds of hangers for your reference.

PVC-coated hanger machine
wire hanger machine

Delivery & transportation – hanger making machine price

Because it is an import/export business, shipping costs are also an important part of the hanger machine price.

Generally, shipping goods are shipped by sea.

The cost of sea freight is different at different stages. It needs to be checked in real-time.


In short, when knowing the hanger making machine price, it is important to know the differences between hanger machines, how the hanger is produced, and the cost of delivery to the destination. These are for reference only, so if you have different suggestions, feel free to contact us!