There is a rich variety of raw materials for hanger production using the automatic clothes hanger machine to meet different needs. Plastic and galvanized iron wire are among the common materials. These two materials are also popular choices for manufacturers and consumers.

Advantages of these two raw materials: plastic & galvanized wires

Plastic clothes hangers

Lightweight and durable, customized in a variety of colors and shapes as needed to meet the individual needs of consumers.

galvanized wire hangers

Stability and weight-bearing capacity, suitable for commercial use and can withstand long periods of use and heavy loads.

Shuliy automatic clothes hanger machine for plastic & galvanized wire hanger production

Shuliy hanger machine has become the first choice of manufacturers in the hanger production process.

Shuliy coat hanger machine is an efficient and intelligent machine specially designed for manufacturing plastic-coated & galvanized wire hangers. It uses an advanced PLC control system to precisely cut and bend the wire to form high-quality hangers.

With its easy operation and high-speed production capacity, the Shuliy automatic clothes hanger machine is able to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. With the Shuliy hanger machine, manufacturers can quickly produce large quantities of plastic-coated & galvanized wire hangers to meet market demand.