When deciding to carry out hanger production, you will certainly calculate the profit gain or loss of manufacturing hangers, which is explained in the following detailed figures.


S/NMachine nameQuantity
1Hanger making machine1 set
2Spray machine1 set
3Powder recycling machine1 set
4Drying machine1 set
5Powder1 ton
6 Wires1 ton

Totally 104386RMB (including the transportation). The manufacturing hangers machine can be used at least for 5 years. The plant needs about 80㎡, and the common farmhouse is also ok. Or you can build a simple plant, the installation of three-phase electricity.

Materials for manufacturing hangers and wages

Wires: 1.84 RMB/kg, each hanger uses 0.06 kg. The cost: 0.06RMB * I.84 RMB/kg = 0.11 RMB.

High-density PE (spraying powder): each hanger is 0.07 RMB.


Worker wages: although the machine is manufacturing hangers, the worker should be here. On average, the worker cost for each hanger is 0.05RMB (local market price).

Totally, 0.11-0.07+0.05=0.23RMB

Production output

The wholesale price for each hanger is 0.28RMB, so the profit is 0.28-0.23=0.05RMB.

The sale for one month is 150pcs (1pc has 400 hangers), so, the total sales are 60000pcs.

Therefore, the net profit is 60000*0.05=3000RMB.

In addition, you can also produce galvanized steel wire hangers, the profit is slightly higher than the wire hangers.