The clothes hanger making machine is designed for producing various types of hangers, with the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, and stable performance. Shuliy hanger molding machine has strong practicability and can produce galvanized wire hangers, PVC-coated hangers, non-hook hangers, butterfly-type hangers, etc. If you are interested, welcome to contact us at any time!

Basic information about the Australian customer

He has the raw materials himself and now wants to purchase a hanger machine to enrich his business. Therefore, he started looking for a high-quality hanger machine online and after seeing our machines, he was very interested and therefore contacted us.

Details of the clothes hanger making machine ordered by the Australian customer

In August this year, one customer from Australia contacted us and send an inquiry about the wire hanger manufacturing machine.

clothes hanger making machine for sale
clothes hanger making machine for sale

Our sales manager Haily contacted him. And through understanding, Haily knew that this customer was the latest to start this business and only had a general idea, not knowing the specific details. Therefore, she introduced in detail the advantages of our machines, such as the machine material, the productivity of the machine, the types of hangers the machine can produce, the machine moulds, etc.

After learning more about these, the Australian customer found Haily’s presentation was very detailed and the service was very considerate, so he placed an order with us.


This is the hanger produced during the production trials. It looks to be of good quality.