Good news! A new customer from Oman has ordered a galvanized wire hanger making machine from us that can produce 30-40 hangers per hour.

He wanted to produce galvanized wire hangers and our hanger machine met his needs with high production efficiency, making it a great choice for hanger manufacturers.

Why did this customer want to buy a galvanized wire hanger making machine?

galvanized wire hanger making machine
galvanized wire hanger making machine
  1. To develop a business that would be beneficial to him.
    • Clothes hangers have always been at the top of the retail industry, and as he has his own galvanized wire, he only needs a hanger manufacturing machine to quickly start his own business.
  2. The local market has good growth prospects for hangers.
    • Before starting this business, this Omani customer of course conducted a survey of the local market and found good sales of hangers in various shops and malls.
    • Moreover, his friend is in the business of selling hangers and is making a good profit.
  3. He had sufficient funds of his own.
    • Having some money left over from other projects and wanting to invest again.
    • Combining the first two points, he thought that buying a galvanized wire hanger making machine for hanger sales would be a good way forward.

What type of hanger does this Omani customer want to produce?

galvanized wire hangers
galvanized wire hanger

The type of hanger you want to produce is actually quite simple, a normal galvanized wire hanger with a slightly pronounced curvature, the hanger style is shown in the picture below.

The items this customer bought from Shuliy

The clothes hanger making machine and an extra mould. As the mould is a wearing item, this customer purchased an additional set of moulds that can produce the above hanger. The parameters are as follows.

hanger making machine
galvanized wire hanger making machine
SLPT-400 Power: 1.5kw
Capacity: 30-40pcs/min
Weight: 700kg
Dimension: 1800*800*1650mm
Wire diameter: 1.9mm

Shuliy galvanized wire hanger making machine details to note:

  1. Machine voltage: 420V, 50HZ, 3-phase electricity.
  2. Payment terms are 50% deposit first before production, and 50% balance should be paid before delivery.
  3. Delivery time is 15-20 work days.
  4. The machine needs to be packed in a wooden box when exported.