Here we’re excited to share that one client from UAE bought one wire clothes hanger making machine for the hanger produciton.

wire clothes hanger making machine
wire clothes hanger making machine

Why buy the wire clothes hanger making machine for UAE?

This customer from the Arabian region decided to purchase a clothes hanger machine and to produce welded hangers in order to meet the growing market demand. With the booming economy in the region, the demand for high-quality stainless steel welded hangers has increased dramatically.

hangers for sale
hangers for sale

Faced with the opportunities and challenges of the market, the customer decided to invest in a hanger machine to expand production scale and improve production efficiency.

UAE client’s requirements for Shuliy hanger machine

One of the main reasons why this Arabian customer chose Shuliy’s wire clothes hanger making machine was the fact that Shuliy offers the ability to customize the grinders.

hanger type
hanger type

The hanger machine is equipped with specialized molds that can be customized with different shapes and sizes of welded hangers according to the customer’s requirements. This customization feature provides great flexibility in production and can meet the individual needs of different customers in terms of hanger shapes.

Machine parameters for UAE

clothes hanger machineWelding and heading machine
Power: 2.2kw
Capacity: 15-20pcs/min
Weight: 1000kg
Size: 6CBM
Wire: Stainless steel wire
1 pc
hanger typeHanger type/
machine list for UAE

Notes: The wire clothes hanger making machine is made after receiving the deposit(30%), and the balance will be paid before delivery.