We’re so glad to share that one Indian client ordered a PVC hanger machine from Shuliy in July 2023. He bought Shuliy hanger machine for his end customer, and the hanger making equipment can produce galvanized wire hangers and plastic hangers.

PVC hanger machine
PVC hanger machine

Why buy PVC hanger machine for India?

In communication with this Indian client, he expressed the need for expansion in hanger production. His end customer planned to sell hangers in the Indian market and wanted to offer a diverse range of hanger shapes and materials to meet the needs of different consumers.

In order to solve the problem of ocean transportation, he considered two delivery terms, CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) and FCA (Place of Loading), to consult with his distribution agent.

Highlights of Shuliy hanger making machine

The Indian client decided to buy PVC hanger machine from Shuliy, that’s because:

With its efficiency, reliability and versatility, the Shuliy clothes hanger machine is the ideal choice to fulfill the needs of our customers. With an advanced PLC control system, this hanger machine is able to produce hangers of many shapes quickly and accurately. Not only that, it also offers customizable mold options, giving customers the flexibility to produce hangers of different shapes according to market demand.

Machine list for India

Pvc hanger machinePower: 1.5kw
Capacity: 30-40pcs/minute
Weight: 700KG
Dimension(mm): 1800*800*1650mm
Speed: 30-40 Pcs/min
1 pc
PLC hanger machine list for India

Notes to hanger machine:

  1. Payment terms: 40% deposit first before production, 60% balance before delivery.
  2. Delivery time: 15-25 work days.
  3. Two molds are along with the PLC hanger machine. One is installed with the PVC hanger machine, and another one is packed for delivery.
  4. The Indian client requests that the machine is delivered by 1st August 2023.