Our cloth hanger making machine is very efficient and can produce various types of hangers. Besides, we also have hanger production line to save manpower and automate the whole production process. Recently, Shuliy Machinery has sold a complete hanger machine line to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka customer’s introduction

This customer is planning to start a hanger selling business in the region, so he decided to purchase a cloth hanger machine to promote his business. Shuliy Machinery’s machine met his expectations and therefore contacted us. Eventually he purchased the entire production line.

cloth hanger production line
cloth hanger production line

Details of the cloth hanger making machine order from Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan customer contacted us through WhatsApp. After contacting us, we confirmed the machine he wanted and arranged a special sales manager to give him a detailed introduction of the machine knowledge.

Our sales manager sent pictures and videos of the cloth hanger making machine. Then she answered the customer’s questions one by one. Through understanding, she found that the Sri Lankan customer preferred to buy the whole production line. So our sales manager recommended the relevant machines to him.

Finally, through communication and conversation, the Sri Lankan customer decided on the whole production line.

The equipment purchased by the Sri Lankan customer

Spray machine & powder recycling machine

powder spray machine & recycling machine

drying machine for hangers

Drying machine for hangers

How to pack and deliver to Sri Lanka?

We packaged the cloth hanger making machine in the wooden case, to prevent damage during sea transportation. Then, we loaded all the machines into the container. We transported to the seaport and the machines would be delivered to your destination.