Our hanger manufacturing machine is specially designed to produce high-quality hangers. This is what the Mexican customer looks for in our machines. So he purchased the hanger machine from us, Shuliy Machinery, for local machine sales.

Introduction of the Mexico customer

This customer has a local company that specializes in selling all kinds of machines to the local area, including, of course, hanger machines. He decided to look for a replacement supplier of high quality because of the recent feedback from customers. Local people had purchased hanger machines from his company but the hanger manufacturing machine was not working well. While browsing our website, he took special note of our customer reviews, which were generally positive. As a result, he contacted us.

hanger manufacturing machine to Mexico
hanger manufacturing machine to Mexico

The whole process of order completion

  • We contacted him via WhatsApp, and after asking him about his needs, we arranged for a corresponding sales manager to interface with him.
  • The sales manager introduced the machine in detail and answered the Mexican customer’s questions patiently and carefully until he understood them all.
  • Both parties signed the purchase contract, the Mexican customer paid the deposit, and we started the production.
  • During the production process, we will take good photos and videos for the Mexican customer to check the process of the hanger manufacturing machine.
  • The production was completed, and the Mexican customer settled the balance. And then we arranged the shipping.
  • The Mexican customer received the machine, sells it locally, and got good comments.

What are the benefits of buying the hanger manufacturing machine from Shuliy Machinery?

  • Improve the credibility and visibility of the Mexican customer’s company. Because of the previous choice of supplier, his company got great bad influences, which in turn affected the sale of other machines. However, after purchasing the hanger machine from Shuri Machinery, the customer responded well and thought his company’s machine was of excellent quality.
  • Increase in sales. Because of the consistently positive feedback, the company’s other machines were sold very well, and sales increased by 30%.
factory strength
factory strength