In today’s fast-paced lifestyle and growing environmental awareness, plastic hangers have become the preferred choice of the apparel industry due to their lightweight, durable and recyclable properties.

As a leading supplier of hanger production equipment, Shuliy is committed to developing efficient hanger manufacturing solutions to meet the global market demand for high-quality plastic coated hangers.

Ways of manufacturing plastic hangers with Shuliy hanger machines

1st: Plastic-coated wire as raw materials

If your raw material is coated wire, then just use our PLC hanger machine for coated hanger production. The advantages are convenience and cost-effectiveness.

automatic hanger machine
automatic hanger machine

2nd: Galvanized steel wire as raw materials

If your raw material is galvanized iron wire, just use our hanger making machinery for galvanized iron wire hanger production first, and then use our spray machine and dryer for hanger coating and drying. The advantage is that the whole hanger manufacturing line is smoother and the finished quality of the hangers is good.

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