Our coat hanger machine is for producing high-quality PVC-coated hangers, and the raw materials should be coated wire. With the advantages of high efficiency and good product quality, Shuliy hanger molding machine is popular and well-received at home and abroad. In October this year, a customer from Iran ordered a coat hanger forming machine from us.

Basic information about the Iran customer

This customer’s raw material is PVC-coated wire, so he wants to find a hanger machine for PVC-coated hanger production. After seeing our machine on the website, he contacted us via WhatsApp.

The order process of the coat hanger machine

plastic coat hanger machine

Through the conversation, Hailey knew that the customer’s raw material was coated plastic material, and the hanger he wanted to produce was coated plastic hanger. So our sales manager, Hailey, sent him the relevant information about the machine, including photos, videos, parameters, etc.

After reading this information, the Iranian customer requested the corresponding molds and needed to know the time to produce the machine. In addition to that, there was the voltage of the machine, which needed to meet the local electricity requirements.

After confirming this information, the customer placed the order and indicated the issues negotiated in the contract.

Hanger making machine parameter

Coat hanger machineCapacity: 30-40pcs/min
Power: 2.2kW
Voltage: 220V 50HZ 3 phase
Weight: 700kg
Diameter: 3.8-4mmmm
Size: 850*1500*1800mm
1 set