Congratulations! A customer from Indonesia has ordered a PVC-coated wire hanger machine from us for the production of coated hangers. Our clothes wire hanger making machine can produce all types of hangers, not only plastic-coated hangers but also galvanised hangers. If you are interested in a hanger machine, please contact us!

Why did the Indonesian customer choose to buy the PVC-coated wire hanger machine?

Clothes hangers are an integral part of life. This customer was planning to start a new business this year and after surveying the local market, PVC hangers made up a large share of the market there.

PVC-coated wire hanger machine
PVC-coated wire hanger machine

In addition to this, although both PVC hangers and galvanised hangers are produced locally, more galvanised hangers are available. As a result, there is a large profit margin for PVC hangers. Thus, he decided to buy the coat hanger machine.

How to select the suitable PVC-coated wire hanger machine for the Indonesian customer?

hanger types

The customer initially asked for both coated and uncoated hanger machines. Our sales manager, Haily, asked him further about the type of hanger he wanted to produce, as the shape of the hanger is closely related to the mould.

Haily knew that the customer wanted to produce hangers in the shape shown in figure 7, so she knew that the customer wanted a shape 7 coated hanger and recommended the relevant PVC-coated wire hanger machine and its configuration.

Parameters of the PVC-coated hanger making machine

Coat hanger machineModel: SLPT-400
Power: 2.2 kW
Voltage: 220v, 50hz, single phase
Capacity: 30-40 pcs/ min
Weight: 700kg
1 set