At the end of February 2023, a new customer from Saudi Arabia bought a clothes wire hanger machine from Shuliy for galvanized wire hanger production.

Before purchasing the wire hanger machine, this customer sent a sample to see if our machine could produce the hanger phase he wanted.

How to process the order for the clothes wire hanger machine with the Saudi Arabian client?

This hanger machine from Shuliy is specially designed for hanger production with common wire and galvanized iron wire. This customer was looking for a new business expansion after examining the market in Saudi Arabia.

clothes wire hanger machine
clothes wire hanger machine

The customer initially wanted to use 1.9mm galvanized iron wire for hanger production, so he sent samples for hanger production to see how the product would work.

After receiving the sample for a test run, it was found that it was 2mm galvanized wires.

And our professional Hailey sent a live video of the test run to the customer at the factory, after which the customer immediately decided to place an order for a wire hanger machine.

Machine list for Saudi Arbia

Wire hanger machine
Model: SLPT-400
Power: 1.5kw
Capacity: 30-40pcs/minute
Dimension(mm): 1800*800*1650mm
1 set

Notes to the hanger making machine:

  1. Payment terms: 30%Deposit first,70% balance paid before delivery.
  2. Delivery time: 15-20workdaysafterreceivingthe payment.
  3. Guarantee: one year.

Video of clothes wire hanger machine- galvanized wire hanger production