In June this year, we had the wire hanger machine for sale to Morocco. Shuliy Machinery is a professional manufacturer and seller of the clothes hanger machine. Our wire hanger maker is of high quality, high efficiency, and of various types. People and factories engaged in related industries like to buy machines from us.

Why did the Morocco customer buy this wire hanger machine for sale?

This customer has a factory that is engaged in the hanger for sale. Recently, he planned to expand the scale of production and wanted to buy a hanger machine or a clothes hanger production line. Based on his needs, he decided to make a machine purchase.

wire hanger machine for sale to Morocco
wire hanger machine for sale to Morocco

How did he send the inquiry about the quality hanger machine?

In fact, the way is there are many ways to contact us. The most common ones are the following two.

For the 1st one, contact us through WhatsApp. This is the most common one. Because it is very convenient. And on the bottom right side of our web page, you can contact us directly, very convenient.

For the 2nd one, send an email. On the website, it is very clear that you can see our email address. It is also possible to send your request directly to our email address through the bottom right side.

Of course, in addition to that, you can also contact us through WeChat, phone, comment, etc.

The concerns in the process of communication about the machine

In understanding and confirming whether the wire hanger machine for sale can meet the needs of Moroccan customers, Moroccan customers are concerned with the following points.

What is the production capacity of the clothes hanger machine?

If I want to buy a hanger line, what are the cost-effective solutions?

What is the quality of the hangers produced? Does it affect the subsequent sales?

How do you transport the machine? How long will it take to reach the destination?

Our sales manager answered all the above questions seriously and patiently. After hearing the answers, the Moroccan customer was very satisfied and signed an order with us right away.

The profit that the Moroccan customer got

After receiving the machine, the Moroccan customer immediately put it into production. The hanger produced in that month was 30% higher than the previous month, and the profit from selling the hanger increased by 20%, while the cost only increased by 5%.

wire hangers

Specifications of the wire hanger machine for sale

Capacity1620-1680 pcs/h
Galvanized wire1.8mm~2.2mm
P.V.C  coated wire2.8mm~3.6mm
Wire feeding stand2HP
Hanger size13-14cm for children
15-19cm for adults
Net weight750kg
Machine size1800*800*1650mm(L*W*H)