Shuliy Machinery’s clothes wire hanger machine is available for customization. As long as the customer can describe the shape of the hanger he wants to produce, we can produce the hanger machine according to the customer’s requirements. This year, a customer from Uzbekistan ordered a customized hanger machine from us, Shuliy Machinery.

What type of hangers does the Uzbekistan customer want?

All the hangers you see in life have hooks, but this customer wanted hookless hangers. Many suppliers could not solve this problem. Until the Uzbekistan customer contacted us, we told him very clearly that we had the hanger machine to produce such hangers, and the two sides contacted each other.

the hookless hanger
the hookless hanger

Which part of the hanger machine does the Uzbekistan customer customize?

In fact, the most important part of the hanger machine is the molding part. This part determines exactly what shape the final hanger will be. Therefore, after the two parties contacted each other, our sales manager made a detailed understanding of the type of hanger the customer wanted to make and finally decided on the forming part of the hanger machine.

forming part of the hookless hanger machine

the forming part of the hookless hanger machine

Profits gained by the Uzbekistan customer

There are few local manufacturers of these hangers, so this customer had a monopoly in this field. All stores and individuals who need this type of hanger buy it from here. Turnover and total profits are reaching record levels every month. Moreover, this customer says that in time he will buy the complete line from us to expand his business.