In March 2023, a Thai customer ordered a PLC PVC-coated hanger machine through an intermediary.

The end customer is based in Thailand and requires the machine to produce ordinary hangers using 3.8-4mm coated wire. Also, to accommodate this request, the hanger machine has been customized with three pairs of wheels at the wire inlet.

Our hanger making machine adopts a PLC control system with high efficiency and accurate production capacity to meet customers’ needs for mass production.

Thus, the end customer ordered our plastic hanger machine and paid by CNY. Of course, we also prepared the machine mold according to the customer’s needs and packed machines in wooden boxes.

If you want to be involved in the hanger business, welcome to contact me and visit our hanger machine factory!

Reference to the PVC-coated hanger machine parameters for Thailand

PVC-coated hanger machine for Thailand PI
PVC-coated hanger machine for Thailand PI

Based on the above invoices, you can clearly know the shelf life of our machines, the payment terms, and the delivery time agreed upon by both parties, etc.

Working video of the PLC hanger machine to make red PVC-coated hangers