When buying a clothes hanger machine, you definitely have to consider the hanger machine price. And the hanger making machine price is affected by many aspects. Based on my experience, the following points are summarized for your reference.

The configuration of the hanger machine

This is no doubt. Let’s say the hanger machine single machine and hanger production line, the configuration between the two are different. The wire hanger production line includes a hanger machine, spraying machine, plastic powder recycling machine, and drying machine. So, the final hanger machine price is different.

Regular or customized models

Because we, Shuliy Machinery, provide customized service. So the price of the regular and customized hanger machine is not the same. There are precedents for the regular model, and the technology is mature enough to produce the machine quickly. However, custom-made machines take longer and you have to double-check with the customer that the finished product meets the requirements. It takes more time and effort. The hanger machine price will definitely be more expensive too. For example, we sold a hookless hanger machine to an Uzbekistan customer.

Branded machine manufacturers and suppliers

If it is a famous manufacturer, the price is definitely more expensive. But the quality can be guaranteed. After-sales service is also very good, so it can be said to be a good value for money product. Shuliy Machinery is a famous manufacturer and supplier in the international market.

Hanger machine materials

It is easy to understand. If a machine is made of poor quality material, it will be cheap, but the feeling of use is poor and the finished product is not satisfactory. Shuliy Machinery hanger machine is made of sheet plate, which is durable and has a long service life. Thus, the material also has an influence on the hanger machine price.

All in all, there are many aspects to affect the machine price. When choosing the hanger machine, if you have some doubts, welcome to contact us for more classifications! We will provide the best solutions based on your demands.