Congratulations! Another customer from Saudi Arabia has ordered an SLPT-400 plastic hanger machine from us. The main reason for this is that the hanger machine can be used for both galvanized and PVC-coated hangers. This is what the Saudi Arabian customer was looking for.

Why did this customer buy this SLPT-400 plastic hanger machine?

Because this customer has both galvanized and coated wire as raw materials. He wanted a machine that could produce both galvanized and coated hangers at the same time and our hanger machine, which can produce both galvanized and coated hangers, met his needs.

Advantages of the hanger machine purchased by this Saudi Arabian customer

  1. The PVC hanger machine can use both PVC wire and galvanized wire.
  2. The PVC machine has a screen, which can check and control the number of hangers.
  3. The PVC machine will automatically detect, if there is a problem with the produced hangers, and it will automatically alarm and stop production.
  4. It is of PLC controller, it’s a CNC machine, works automatically.

Parameters of the plastic hanger machine for the Saudi Arabian customer

PVC-coated hanger machine
PVC-coated wire hanger machine
Model: SLPT-400
Power: 2.2kw
Capacity: 30-40pcs/minute
Weight: 700KG
Dimension: 1800*800*1650mm
1 set

Notes to SLPT-400 clothes hanger making machine:

  1. The payment term is a 40% deposit that should be paid before production, 60% balance payment should be paid before delivery.
  2. The delivery time is 15-20 work days.
  3. The voltage is 220v 50hz single phase.