At the end of June 2023, one Saudi Arabian client ordered one plastic hanger making machine for galvanized wire & PVC-coated hangers production. Our clothes hanger machine is multifunctional, used for making wire and plastic hangers. And it’s prevailing in the world market.

plastic hanger making machine
plastic hanger making machine

Why buy the plastic hanger making machine for Saudi Arabia?

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has witnessed a very active market for clothes hangers. The demand for hangers is increasing as an essential item for clothing storage and display. Whether it is retailers, apparel brands or home users, there is a need for high-quality hangers to meet different needs.

This Saudi Arabian customer found that galvanized hangers have good corrosion resistance and are suitable for storing and displaying all types of clothing. The coated hangers, on the other hand, can increase the beauty and uniqueness of their appearance through spraying and other means to meet the aesthetic needs of different customers. He also has galvanized iron wire and coated wire that can be produced by purchasing a hanger machine directly.

And our plastic hanger making machine can do both galvanized hanger production and coated hanger production, which just meets this customer’s needs, and he placed an order directly after understanding it.

Reference to the hanger making machine parameters

clothes hanger machineClothes hanger machine
Power: 2.2kw
Weight: 700KG
Raw material: Galvanized wire&PVC wire
One Extra mold
1 set
hanger machine parameters

Notes to the plastic hanger making machine:

  1. Payment term: 50% as a deposit, and the balance will be paid before delivery.
  2. Delivery time: 20-25 days.
  3. Guarantee time: one year.
  4. The Performa Invoice should be in two languages: English and Arabic.
  5. This customer will pay in RMB.
  6. The height of the galvanized wire hanger is 21.5cm.