The clothes hanger machine from Shuliy can produce different types of hangers, just using the corresponding molds. Various shaped hangers can be produced. Besides, we have the complete set of the hanger machine available. In September 2022, we sold a fully automatic hanger machine production line to UAE.

Why did this client order three sets of the clothes hanger machine?

He is a distributor in the local market. And he looks for this kind of quality hanger machine for his clients. Shuliy clothes hanger making machine has good performance and has been exported to many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden, etc. Besides, our machine can produce various types of hangers.

hanger types
hanger types

Learning about our machine, the UAE client contacted us via WhatsApp, and our sales manager Hailey asked about his needs. After knowing his demands, Hailey provided the machine details and price. In the process of the communication, he also confirmed the machine details from his client. Because his client wanted to produce butterfly-type hangers with different shapes, Hailey advised buying an extra mold to achieve this. And finally, he followed his client and ordered the whole hanger production line.

a complete set of clothes hanger machine
a complete set of clothes hanger machine

Machines parameters ordered by the UAE client

1Clothes hanger machinePower: 1.5kW
Weight: 700kg
Capacity: 30-40pcs/min
Voltage: 380V (can be customized)
3 sets
2Spray machineWeight: 25kg1 set
3Powder recycling machinePower: 3kW
Size: 1.5*1.1*2m
1 set
4Oven machineMachine size: 3*2.0*1.8m
Baking temperature: 180 degree
Baking time: 15-20min/time
1 set

Besides, the customer requested to equip an extra mold(shape: NO.3, NO.6, NO.7, NO.9), which can produce butterfly-type hangers.

Voltage: 380 volts 50 hertz 3 phase

Drying room heating method: gas heating