Clothes hangers are a necessity for people and it is the same in Pakistan. So what is the clothes hanger making machine price in Pakistan? Please follow me to read below.

Hanger machine for sale to Pakistan

In the Shuliy hanger machine manufacturing plant, in general, the wire hanger making machine can be divided into, common model and PLC controlled model.

The common model is only suitable for the production of clothes hangers made of galvanized iron wire, and the price of this machine is relatively cheap.

The PLC model can be used to produce coated and galvanized wire hangers, which is more expensive in comparison.

The Shuliy hanger making machine price in Pakistan also varies, mainly depending on which kind of wire hanger machine to be selected.

Ways to purchase hanger making machine for Pakistan

The hanger making machine price in Pakistan is also affected by the ways to buy the machine.

hanger making machine price in Pakistan
hanger making machine price in Pakistan

For example, if you want one wire hanger machine from Pakistan, the price is different from importation from another country. However, it is not that buying a hanger machine locally is cheaper than importing it from abroad.

We Shuliy export our clothes hanger machine to foreign countries regularly, including Pakistan. Pakistani customers buy the metal wire hanger machine from us, definitely because he thinks it is cost-effective to buy hanger machines in this way.

Type of hangers that customers from Pakistan want to produce

The hanger types also have an impact on the hanger making machine price in Pakistan.

Our hanger hook making machine can produce various types of hangers, details are referred below:

Because if you want to produce different hangers with one hanger making machine, you should change the mold. And the total price increases.

Therefore, if you want to know the hanger making machine price in Pakistan, please refer to the above. Of course, there are other factors, like the international trend. If you’re interested in Shuliy hanger machine, welcome to contact us immediately!