Our hanger maker is able to produce 35-45 hangers per minute, which is very efficient. Besides, our hanger machine can also produce various types of hangers. For example, plastic covered, PVC-coated, butterfly, hookless, galvanized, etc. We can also customize the machine for you. As long as you want to produce hangers, we can customize the corresponding machine for you. That’s why a Swedish customer has purchased from us.

Order details of the hanger machine from the Swedish customer

This customer wants to produce hangers himself because he has a large laundry room. He does a lot of laundry work for many customers every day. So hangers are necessary. After contacting us, our sales manager recommended the relevant hanger maker for his needs.

hanger maker to Sweden
hanger maker to Sweden

In addition, our sales manager introduced the performance and parameters of the hanger maker to him in detail. Finally, he decided to buy our machine.

Questions about the hanger maker raised during the communication process

During the whole communication process, our sales manager was answering the Swedish customer’s questions patiently and carefully. Also, our sales manager offers the best solutions.

What is the raw material for the production of clothes hangers? How can I get it? Can you provide it?

What is the output ratio between raw material and hanger?

For the cloth hanger production line and individual hanger machine, how is it beneficial for me to buy for an investor like me?

How many days will the machine arrive?

Reasons to firmly choose our Shuliy Machinery

  • Attentive service. Swedish customer felt that our sales manager always treated him with an attentive and friendly attitude, which made him feel very happy to work with Shuliy.
  • Professional and solid knowledge. Because in the process of communication, the Swedish customer mentioned a lot of professional questions. Our sales manager made a very great answer to help Swedish customers understand the machine.
hanger making machine manufacturer & supplier
hanger making machine manufacturer & supplier

Technical parameters of the hanger maker

Galvanized wire1.8mm-2.2mm
PVC coated wire2.8mm-3.6mm
Hanger size13”-14” for children
15”-18” for adults
Net weight800kg
Machine size1800*800*1650mm