galvanized wire hanger machine

Galvanized wire hanger machine exported to Oman

Shuliy galvanized wire hanger machine can produce various types of hangers, such as butterfly-type hangers, welding-type hangers, galvanized wire hangers, etc. So, this hanger making machine is so popular at....

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a complete set of clothes hanger machine

A complete set of clothes hanger machine sold to UAE

The clothes hanger machine from Shuliy can produce different types of hangers, just using the corresponding molds. Various shaped hangers can be produced. Besides, we have the complete set of....

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non-hook hanger machine

Customized hanger machine transported to Uzbekistan

Shuliy Machinery's clothes wire hanger machine is available for customization. As long as the customer can describe the shape of the hanger he wants to produce, we can produce the....

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cloth hanger production line

Cloth hanger making machine delivered to Sri Lanka

Our cloth hanger making machine is very efficient and can produce various types of hangers. Besides, we also have hanger production line to save manpower and automate the whole production....

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hanger hook making machine

Hanger hook making machine shipped to Saudi Arabia

As we all know, our hanger hook making machine can produce many types of hangers, such as rubber-covered, hookless, regular, butterfly, plastic, and so on. A customer from Saudi Arabia....

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hanger maker to Sweden

Export of the hanger maker to Sweden

Our hanger maker is able to produce 35-45 hangers per minute, which is very efficient. Besides, our hanger machine can also produce various types of hangers. For example, plastic covered,....

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hanger manufacturing machine

Hanger manufacturing machine sold to Mexico

Our hanger manufacturing machine is specially designed to produce high-quality hangers. This is what the Mexican customer looks for in our machines. So he purchased the hanger machine from us,....

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wire hanger making machine for sale

Wire hanger machine for sale to Morocco

In June this year, we had the wire hanger machine for sale to Morocco. Shuliy Machinery is a professional manufacturer and seller of the clothes hanger machine. Our wire hanger....

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